The right ERP solution for your team

COUNTERPART® provides your team access to all the live information they need to do their jobs better. With direct integration with SOLIDWORKS®, there is no longer a need to export BOMs, use spreadsheets, or manually enter data into your ERP. Share information with those who need it, see real-time progress, and allow your business to leverage the information to increase efficiencies in engineering, procurement, manufacturing and more.

What are users saying?


Assign and monitor tasks for entire departments in one place

Seamlessly communicate individual due dates through the processes

Data can be added into SOLIDWORKS® & COUNTERPART® simultaneously

Easily handle long lead time items and partial BOM releases


Responsibilities can be assigned based on the individual’s skillset

Live priority list for each user

Dynamically control the flow of manufacturing based on priority and due dates

All manufacturing steps are recorded for instant tracking

Tracking and history are retained for detailed reporting and analysis


Intuitive solution for all purchasing needs

Streamline purchasing by easily combining orders whenever possible

Eliminate confusion caused by partial BOM releases

Effortlessly handle long lead time items


Easily identify the correct component using our visual inventory

Order and history lookup for all components

Configurable cycle count groups and counting methods

Track component location – even when someone keeps it at their desk

Sort and filter your pick list for your specific need